Wednesday, 28 December 2011

José Tolentino Mendonça

A couple of weeks ago the Pope appointed new members and consultors to the Pontifical Council for Culture

What was interesting about these appointments was a) how wide-ranging the Vatican's definition of Culture is (among the consultors were professors of neurology, physics, and astrophysics) b) how high profile some of these appointments were (Arvo Pärt being the standout figure) and c) how poets rather than novelists represented the literary arts.

I will write shortly about Catholicism and the novel but, for now, let's look at the poet (and theologian) who was named as a consultor, Fr José Tolentino Mendonça. You can read about his work here and can read one of his poems (which is partly about Flannery O'Connor) here.

If you ever need a lesson on how to not use the comma, Mendonça's the man.

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