Thursday, 14 March 2013

Xavier's Legacies

Just over two years ago I wrote a post bemoaning the lack of translations of Catholic literature from around the world. However, things are beginning to change.

Professor Kevin M. Doak of Georgetown University has now translated Sono Ayako's Kiseki ('Miracles'), a book which focuses on St Maximilian Kolbe's canonisation. It will, I hope, be available in the not too distant future. 

However, while we wait Professor Doak has edited another excellent book, Xavier's Legacies: Catholicism in Modern Japanese Culture which has a chapter on Sono Ayako. If you want a flavour read his fascinating introduction via the previous link.

It's not just Japan that is getting a little more exposure: China is beginning to create ripples too. One of Fan Wen's novels is due out in French translation in a fortnight's time. 

And, I happened to notice, Pope Francis, who taught literature for a while, quoted Leon Bloy in his inaugural mass in the Sistine Chapel today

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